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Carbon Project

Target groups and target areas
Rural households in using traditional open 3-stone fire stoves in the Counties of Kitui and Nyeri in Kenya. Possibility of project extension to County of Machakos and Laikipia.

Impact objective
Households in Kitui and Nyeri County have improved living conditions and decreased their vulnerability towards climate change. Its main aim is to promote and disseminate energy efficient, clean and affordable cooking technologies among households in rural communities in Kitui Diocese.

To mitigate the negative impacts of the usage of traditional stoves by introducing energy efficient cook stoves to rural communities in central and south Kenya
To promote and disseminate energy efficient, clean and affordable cooking technologies among households in rural communities in the Counties Kitui and Nyeri in Kenya.
To install of 30’000 efficient cook stoves over a period of seven years in the target area.
Expected results
Through this project indoor air pollution will be reduced in families that have adopted the new mode of cooking. The new stoves have reduced the risk of fire accidents. The project will contribute to the sustainable development of the beneficiaries by reducing the amount of money and/or time spent on buying and/or collecting firewood. The reduction in firewood consumption helps to conserve forest vegetation and to reduce CO2-emissions, which are responsible for climate change. In addition, indoor air pollution will be reduced in families that have adopted the new mode of cooking. The new stoves have reduced the risk of fire accidents.
Technology chosen and implementation plan
The project cook stove is a brick-type rocket stove. Its design brings various benefits to the stove end-users. The stove reduces the firewood consumption by approximately 50% when a family moves from using open 3-stone fire to using the rocket stove.
The efficient cook stoves are directly built in the kitchen of the end-users using cement, baked soil bricks, sand and stones. Most of the stove components can be purchased for little money or built by the end-users (such as the baked soil bricks).
Thus, with relatively little investment, a robust stove can be built and maintained. The project plans to subsidize stove construction in order to enable financially disadvantaged families to benefit from the efficient stove technology. Relying on the existing organization structure of the implementing partners, potential end-users will be mobilized.
Further, local artisans will be trained in order to construct the cook stoves in the identified households. Hence, the project will contribute to green job creation through the establishment of local markets for improved stoves
Project area in Kitui
During the First Phase the project is covering Kanyangi Parish, Kavisuni Parish, Boma Parish and Mutune Parish.
Specific areas where the project is implemented are as follows:
Kanyangi Parish
Ngomoni Sub-location
Mandongoi Sub-location
Masimba Sub-Location
Muambani Sub-location
Kanyongonyo Location
Kavisuni Parish
Muvitha/Kathemboni Sub-location
Nthilani Sub –location
Kawongo Location
Boma Parish
Kalundu Sub-Location
Kaveta Sub –Location
Museve Parish
Museve &Kyalilini Sub locations
KwaNgindu & Misewani sub-locations
Mutune Parish
Mutulu location
Note: The implementation areas are marked by the administrative boundaries.
Mobilization was done through Barazas and in Churches in all the Target areas and it was in those forums that the artisans were targeted. Out of the 33 artisans chosen by the community, 28 artisans are Catholics active in Jumuiyas while 5 are from other churches
For now three hundred cook stoves have been constructed.


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